By Hiram Larew

Photo by Lukas Kloeppel from Pexels

Easy sigh me
           Kiss the very blears of my corners
           Calm my rustlings
           Hush my eyes
           Dawn my furrowed nocturnings

Easy sigh me
           Whisper near the crest of my shadows
           Pause my rumbles
           Lull my whys
           Wake my moon-tangled slopings

Easy sigh me
           Trace me with whatever dreams are lips and
           Once away my manys
           Curtain back these eyes of hush
                      then with that
           Early dusk my nearlys


Larew‘s poems have recently found homes in Voices of Israel, Words for the Wild, Contemporary American Voices, The Wild Word and elsewhere. His fourth collection, Undone, was issued in December 2018 from FootHills Publishing. Nominated for four Pushcarts, he’s is a global hunger specialist, and lives in Upper Marlboro, MD. On Facebook at Hiram Larew, Poet, at Poetry X Hunger and at The Poetry Poster Project.

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