We Cannot Both Be True

By Violet Mitchell

Photo by Joshua Teichroew from Pexels

In three seconds, she/I will no longer remember
          the inconsistency           of this                                         moment,
                                      or the mundane thrill               on your/our breath.
                                                                  An umbrella,
          which she/I/we thought was a shield,
                                                  beats itself into petrified wood
smoother than the underside of your/our eyelid.

Violet Mitchell is a Denver-based writer and artist. She is working toward a B.A S. in cognitive literary studies, while completing a competitive BA/MFA dual studies degree in creative writing in poetry, both from Regis University. Her work has been published in Loophole, Flourishing, Across the Canyon, Who’s Who, Sixfold, ANGLES, Furrow Magazine, and several other journals. She received the Robert A. O’Sullivan, S.J. Memorial Award for Excellence in Writing in 2019 for her dedication to creativity and her art.

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By Violet Mitchell

  1. Great writing and a fantastic write up about you! I’m so proud, Love you, Grandma

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