Kindred Spirit

Cricket Lesso

Little bird,
your heart beats fast
against the glass
of the closed window
inside my porch.
Hold still.
My warm hands
wrap around you.
I turn,
take one step, two.
In the open doorway,
I slowly uncover you:
a prize not mine to keep.
You crouch
on my palm.
You blink.
In a featherburst
that takes my breath
you are gone.

Cricket Lesso is a poet who appreciates everyday magical moments. Her work has appeared in magazines for children and adults including Highlights, Ladybug, Just for Kids, Guideposts for Kids, Once Upon a Time, Skipping Stones, Insomnia & Poetry, Simple Joy, and Southern Tier Perceptions. She lives and writes in the woods of New York State with her husband David, son Ben, four cats, and many beautiful wild creatures.

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