The Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Wilkes University is rooted in community, and the close collaboration and grassroots efforts put forth to create the new issue of River & South Review reflect that community.

The range and depth of our submitters’ writing, which came in from across the country, from many genres, and covered subjects ranging from whimsical to heartbreaking to poignant to sassy, delighted us.

A special thanks to all who worked tirelessly to bring this issue together, including the Editors, Pamela Turchin (Fiction), Sally Lehman (Creative Nonfiction), Samantha Stanich (Poetry), Jeremiah Blue (Social Media), Danielle Watson (Social Media), and Danah Lassiter (Production and Design Editor), and the Readers, Michelle Chmielewski, Karla Erdman, Kathy Krisinski, and Julie Yelen.

A successful re-launch would not be possible without the vision and guidance of Dr. Bonnie Culver, Director; Bill Schneider, Associate Director; and Dawn Leas, Editorial Advisor, who offered unparalleled support throughout the process. Dawn, I hope to continue our coffee shop office hours and late night texting while off-deadline.

Above all, thank you to our fantastic group of contributors who have made the Summer 2018 issue dynamic and captivating. You are our heart.

Aurora D. Bonner
Managing Editor
River & South Review