by Anthony Ragler  

He died so close to prom
we decided to bring him anyway
Fit him for a tux
Called the hearse a limo
We brought flowers to his date
Who wore a long white dress
Mom been preparing for this moment
Since he was born
His body so warm
He coulda pinned the corsage himself
Mom cried out
That’s my baby!
We knew this would be his lucky night
Where he turns from boy to legend
All eyes stopped on him —
he’s the only thing
That brings the family
this close together
Everyone showed up
To send him off
the casket lowered
to the dance floor
the moon shined
Like a disco ball
His date held onto him
Like the wet Earth
All the other graduates
Welcomed him
Six feet in
So many tuxedos
You’d mistake the casualties
For prom kings
For groomsmen
tonight, he was the best man
the music slowed down
And everyone dressed to the nines
Danced closer than funeral plots
This night
Is the best of his young life
Mom knew he wasn’t coming back
Home tonight
But she stayed up

Anthony Ragler is a 21 year old writer, performer, educator, and father.  Using different artistic releases, including poetry, step, and music, he aims to create art that transcends political correctness and opens up space for dialogue into some of life’s most difficult truths.