by Catherine Breault

You are the Dead Sea,

The Wind that burns my fragile skin,

The Salt I taste, in the air, caressing my lips and

Whipping my hair wildly about my face.

I am the sand, one in the thousands of souls

Floating aimless, swimming in waves of sensations,

Numb, I feel none of it, just the emptiness.

The faint calling of my name, echoing into bleakness.

You are the howling storm, black and shadowy

The rain that showers down, my wet skin trapped in linen

The waves that engulf my ankles, pulling me towards you, the end.

You are the choice, the one I long to make, engulf me, swallowing me whole.

I am but one body, one person drowning in infinity of sorrows

The lull of the storm calms the rain, my tears. I wait.

Patiently for resolution, a solution, chin towards the sky

I wait, bracing myself. Consume me into waves of oblivion.

Catherine Breault is a senior English Literature Major at Bethany College. She is the President of the Writers’ Club, Vice President of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, a Kalon Scholar, Associate in the Office of the President, a tutor, and an avid writer. Her future goals are to go onto law school and be a criminal defense attorney.