by Cricket Lesso

I dance the Tennessee Waltz
with Charlie,
Old Charlie Blue Eyes
in his thick tan sneakers.
I hold him under the arms
as we waltz, stiffly,
two paces from his wheelchair.
His blue eyes swim
in lonely places.
And then from somewhere,
a memory of the sea.
Charlie holds me up,
his eyes the shining eyes
of the man who danced
a sea of waltzes
with beautiful women,
feet smooth in shiny shoes
instead of these tan sneakers,
another man waiting
for him to tire
instead of this old wheelchair.
Charlie smiles,
blue eyes
in happy places,
and dances the Tennessee Waltz
with me.

Cricket Lesso is a poet who appreciates everyday magical moments. Her work has appeared in magazines for children and adults including Highlights, Ladybug, Just for Kids, Guideposts for Kids, Once Upon a Time, Skipping Stones, Insomnia & Poetry, Simple Joy, and Southern Tier Perceptions. She lives and writes in the woods of New York State with her husband David, son Ben, four cats, and many beautiful wild creatures.