by Sally DeJesus  

The poem cannot
wash clothes
mop the floor
pack a bag or
make this bed.
The poem does not
whisper, Eres muy bonita
dance to, Let’s Stay Together
share a meal at the diner after
or dream about us
the night before.
The poem will not
click ‘play’
Mint Condition Radio
on Pandora
light a candle
take my hand
pull me close or
wrap arms around me.
The poem remains
crumpled paper
falls from my hand
I get my coat
and head out.

Sally DeJesus is a poet and mixed media artist. She is currently working on her third chapbook of poetry and is often found at Union Square Slam in NYC.  Since 2005 she has been facilitating poetry and art programs with women and children at a homeless shelter in the Bronx.