by Paul Bluestein

here are no groves in Shady Grove 
In fact, there is no shade 
Just concrete and Costco 
and condos and Wendy’s 
and RVs and Walgreens
There is no view of the harbor on Harborview
No lanterns on Lantern Road,
and not a tree remains on Chestnut Street
Even the light from the streetlamps
looks tired and bruised, 
while pretty place-names are thrown 
like drop-cloths meant to cover up 
the broken windows, broken promises, 
and broken spirits of small town America

Paul Bluestein is a physician (done practicing), a blues musician (still practicing), and a dedicated Scrabble player (yes, ZAX is a word).  He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife and the two dogs who rescued him. Nearby, there is a beach where he finds quiet time to think about the past, wonder about the future, and lose his sunglasses.